Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am in a bit of a puzzle.  A conundrum if you will.
I am not doing a big deal for our Thanksgiving meal.  Knowing my Older Son, no one alive would be able to get him off either a tractor or combine, so I don't expect his smiling (?) face. 
I am just having a humble menu of turkey breast cooked in a big crock pot, ditto for the home-made from scratch stuffing. Some baked sweet potatoes and some baked beans popped in the oven late. Cranberries--either jell or sauce; I got both.
And aside from pie, not much else.  But I want to make the pie tonight--pumpkin of course.  The hard part there is keeping it till tomorrow.  Hubby regards baked goods as a challenge to eat before bed time.  I suppose I could make two, or a large for tomorrow and a small for tonight.  I have to mix pumpkin for almost two pies to have enough for one full pie, so that wouldn't be so bad.
But, after the baking, I will still need to keep him out of one.  Would it be easier to bake pie tomorrow instead? 
Maybe I will go for two tonight.  And perhaps bake the Razzleberry one tomorrow that has been hiding in the freezer.  Just for insurance you know.
And if Razzelberry won't get Older Son out of the corn field, nothing will.

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