Sunday, November 25, 2012

Knit Worthy, Wool Worthy

As knitting away on the Baby Surprise Jacket for Little Guy, I got to thinking about knitting for others.
For example, I never knit for for my guys.  For one thing, they would not appreciate it.  Nor would they be careful with whatever I knit them.  Far from wool worthy, they would not even be considered knit worthy.  My boys especially tend to leave their hoodies and/or coats all over the county.
Other friends I trust with wool.  I have gifted some shawls and scarves.  I have knit sweaters and shawls for some of my fiber friends.  I know they appreciate wool.
And while I know babies would appreciate fine wool, for their mother's sake, I usually stick with washable wool blends, even if they are wool worthy.
But back to my BSJ for Little Guy.   I am steaming right along.  The sleeves are nearing the end, and I will soon start increasing.  There will be more white stripes and a few yellow stripes once the arms are finished.  I like how they stand out against the blue tweed.
I know I doesn't look like a baby sweater yet.  That is the magic of the Baby Surprise Jacket.  It is fun watching it develop.

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