Friday, November 9, 2012

Geek Alert!

I will freely admit.  Farmmom is a tech geek.  I love my smart phone.  Several years before that I had a PDA, with an auxiliary keyboard.  I used to take minutes att meetings, typing away into something not much bigger than my current cell phone.  I use my laptop often, when knitting doesn't get in the way.  I even have a Nook e-reader, which I also love.  I think I have read much more since getting it.  I blog (of course), read other blogs on  Google Reader, and I track my knitting online on Ravelry.
And now I have a new toy, an i-pad.  I loaded my pictures onto it, a couple reading apps, and even a knitting app.  I found a deal on a first generation tablet, that looks brand new.
And yes, I have some games on it.  Siege Hero, here I come.

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