Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Country Life

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy living in the country? As I drove into work this morning the co-op had a long line of tractors, wagons and trucks waiting to unload their loads of corn.

The Bi-Polar Combine, at co-op during the Harvest Festival this past October
Outside at home on the farm, while walking Lizzie, could hear the sounds of gunfire, signaling the annual rites of fall: Opening Day. Even though there are several special hunts prior to this, (Youth Hunt, bow season and who knows what) November 15 is marked by bright orange coats, deer camps, and the occasional deer being page added around town in the back of a pickup truck.

The smell of fall is everywhere. Some good--the good earthy smell of fields being cut up while harvesting. Some not so good--as the liquid manure pits get emptied before winter. (Whew"!)

Life continues. Happy fall.

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