Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today marks the five year birthday of Farmmom's Musings. Yup, this little blog has been rolling along since 2007. I planned to share my knitting and farm life with anyone who happened to join in.
Near the end of that year I was completing a February Baby Sweater for my nephew's baby.
I still went to breakfast on Saturday with my crazy Aunt Glenna. Santa joined us that year too.

Older Son and Younger Son were still at home driving me crazy. Here they are on the "slowmobile" they had running one winter.

Hubby still finds ways to baffle me at times. This is what happened when Hubby got a brush hog and didn't stay far enough away from an extension cord.

I don't think I will run out of things to share for another five years.


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