Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who's a Hayseed?

Sunday afternoon, after the race was finished (Mark didn't win, but still a good race), Hubby decided it was time to seed the new hayfield.
I was all this time stretching before me with him out of the house--time to put my loom together. But.....I was needed to help him grease the grain drill.
Well to hold the trouble light while he greased it. So I changed into some grubby clothes, since the grain drill had been sitting covered in assorted junk, collecting dust all winter in the barn. You know, it is surprising how much dust can accumulate in the barn.
So we greased, and then I thought I saw my chance of escape.
But it was not to be. He needed me to ride on the back of the grain drill, to make sure that the grain was feeding through properly. The last field we planted to grasses, and the long narrow seed wouldn't feed through the openings very well. That time I had to ride on the back of the drill, sidling back and forth on a 6 inch board, from one side to the other, poking a strip of plastic into the holes to open them. But this was trefoil seed, tiny round, black seeds.
Just a couple rounds, Hubby says. I sigh, in my mind seeing my loom languishing in the box, but I climb on the back. After the first round, he adjusts the flow and says one more time around. After that round Hubby adjusts again, and says, you might as well ride the rest of the way.
(Grrrrrrr.) But I ride. Butt up in the air. Sliding back and forth across the top of the drill. Even with a plastic burlap bag to slide on, I was still plenty dirty.
So no loom assembled yet. But I know in the spring, when we see all the pretty yellow trefoil flowers all over the field, and the sore neck is forgotten, I will be happy it was done.
Hope my loom is assembled by then.

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