Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He Got Me Again

After the episode Sunday (I just need you to hold the light while I grease the grain drill), you would think I would have learned my lesson.
You would think wrong.
Just as I was finishing the virus scan, and ready to go to the blog, Hubby says, in all innocence, "Can you help me cut and nail a board in the barn?" Notice the singular form.
Background is that almost every summer we need to replace a couple of the posts in the barn. They stick up about 4 feet from the cement floor, with about another 2 feet or so buried. That involves breaking through about 4 or 5 inches, at least, of cement, wiggling out the broken end of the old post, digging, and cementing in a new post. Then we replace the boards for the pens. When we got married 28 years ago, none of the posts or boards were treated. They had been build with raw timber he had milled for the barn. Eventually boisterous bulls and heavy heifers tend to break the posts off, and manure is not kind to the untreated timber. By now, nearly all of the untreated has been replaced with treated, a 4 or 6 foot section at a time. Sometimes more. Last year we had 3 posts in a row to replace. Sometimes the same treated 2 X 12s can be reused. Sometimes not.
So, anyway, I got naively out to the barn. Luckily the humidity was down, and we were in front of the 4 foot barn fan. And somehow the one board turned into 3, and nearly an hour. But that did finish this years project and now he is taking down an interim gate and moving water tank and mangers around. Happy as a farm guy can get.
And as you can see, I got back to the blog, if not the knitting.

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