Monday, August 2, 2010

Progressing Right Along

I don't have a current picture of the cherry leaf shoulder shawl. But I have managed to turn the corner and am now working my way up the second side. I had to do almost 2 full repeats in the corner stitch. I am progressing slowly because the last time I took it to Knit Nite, I ended up tinking almost as much as I knit.
So I have started the second sleeve on the Marl Sweater and hop to be joining those to the yoke and finishing that sweater so I can start on a sweater for Evelyn. She is planning on paying me in yarn to make a sweater for her.
I need to count up how much I need so I can let her know what to order. I have a White Lies pattern for a lacy cardigan. I want to use Victorian Pink Naturespun wool for it.
And of course, I have to start one of my cardigans with my handspun. I have plenty now that is spun up. And I would dearly love to try a cardigan with intarcia sheep in the yoke out of my handspun. Not at all ambitious am I?
And I need to make my first grand nephew another Wallaby. And I want to make a swirl shawl--already have the Jojoland for that.
So many projects. So little time.
Even if I am only working part time.

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