Thursday, August 19, 2010

Purple Sweater Nearing End

Gertrude agreed to model my purple marl yoke sweater for me the other day. I pinned the front shut because of the curling. Once the front bands are done, addint a couple inches, and the zipper installed, I think it is going to be a fine fit.
And here is a closepu of the yoke. The handspun of course pooled differently on each front, but I think I looks ok. That is one advantage of knitting in the round and then steeking (cutting) the front. The coloers will match up better.
I also like the purple strip I added near the end, to contrast with the hand spun strip at the end of the sleeves and above the bottom ribbing.
I am casting off the second band as I type and just pockets and the underarm seam to go.
Now, let's look at that pattern for the Featherweight.

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