Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Air Conditioned and it Feels So Good

Now you have to realize, I am a winter lover to my very core. I am not a fan of hot, muggy weather and it is only the thoughts of blizzards and sub-zero temps that get me through the days of summer.
Keeping that in mind, and with the knowledge that a month or so ago, the air conditioning went out at the office I work 3 mornings a week; I was elated to find this when I reported to work last Wednesday. That is my desk under all that plastic. And over head:

Above the scaffolding, is where the new AC/furnace was getting installed.

Yea, Russ.

And when I came to work on Monday this week, instead of steamy, it was cool and comfy. The next best thing to winter. Thanks boss.

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