Friday, August 13, 2010

Marl Sweater and New Beginnings.

Now that I have finished the Cherry Leaf Shawl, it is time to attack the Marl Yoke sweater. I finished the second sleeve, joined and worked several rows. I started the marl and am starting the raglan decreases now. I bought a zipper so I will be sewing that in once I make the zipper band. I am not sure if will do in purple or the marl. I am leaning to the handspun marl for the band and collar. But the jury is still out.
And, also since I finished the shoulder shawl, I started the Elizabeth Zimmermann's 100 Anniversary Pi Shawl. I am working on the version called Hearts and Vines for EZ, it is the second edition on the free Ravelry pattern.
This is the cone of Mulberry naturespun fingering weight I am using out of my stash. It was hard to break it free from the stash locker. But I didn't have to buy anthing new.

Here is how it looked after switching to the 24 inch size 7 circ. This is going to be one time where having the extra cables is nice. As it gets bigger, I can just knit onto a new longer needle without too much hassle.

I can't wait to get more done on this. As well as finishing the sweater and maybe one or more of my other projects.

And no, I am not on a sudden purple kick. Mere coincindence.

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