Monday, August 30, 2010

Garden Yummies

This year Hubby decided to try something new in the garden. After having a HUGE crop of Yukon Gold potatoes last year, he decided to try sweet potatoes this year..
So we got a seed catalog and ordered the minimum--15 plants. A few days ago his patience got the best of him. He poked around in the ground and felt some potatoes and was satisfied.
But yesterday he weakened again. This time he dug up a hill to see how they were doing. As you can see, he left half of one potato in the ground, but not bad for one hill. And we had the broken potato and the one on the right for supper, as well as the baby one in the foreground.
Very good.
We may need to do this again. Especially since the blight got our regular potatoes early and most died off early.
But the tomatoes are going good. Homegrown Tomato and Mayo on whole wheat is my favorite sandwich. (I refuse to buy the no-taste, hard, store tomatoes.)
Summer veggies are great.

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Linda said...

later Hubby went back out. Got rest of broken potato--bigger than first half! And a couple more medium potatoes.