Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Times At the Fair

I think I have finally recovered from the 90+ temps of the fair. I was only able to spend one afternoon and evening there and only survived by sitting in front of one fan with another osscillating on and off me.
We had a theme of "Down on the Farm" with a frame of a barn and a walk through exhibit. One corner had some blue mason jars and an old wire egg basket.
In another corner was some milking equipment with milker, cans and a watering cup.
And look in the silent auction cabinet. My Flying Geese Shawl. When I got there near the end of the auction, it was all folded up so no one could see what they were bidding on. Since nothing else was in the cabinet, I opened it up sot the size could be seen. Not sure if it helped bidding that late in the week, but I tried.
I sure hope next year is cooler. I am not a fan of the hot, muggy fair times.

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