Monday, April 27, 2009

NASCAR and Knitting

Wow--what a race. If I hadn't been so disappointed with what happened to Mark, it would have almost been a perfect race.
I watched and knit in amazement as cars would fly up out of nowhere and claim the lead. I just cannot get over how some tracks no one can ever pass anyone and how at others, they can move up and back constantly.
That said. What an ending to Talledaga. I do find that Jr's protege Brad has been someone I have been watching. I don't think he did anything wrong--Carl came down and Brad was already there. But what a spin, roll, flight and then a dash on foot to the start/finish line. I haven't heard if that counted as finishing the race for him. It did in the movie, but this was Talledaga days, not Talledaga Nights.
And I finished over an inch of sleeve--remember this is lace weight, so that was an accomplishment.

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