Thursday, April 23, 2009

Younger Son--Part One

Younger Son has moved back home. Nice, as I wasn't too keen with where he was living after he moved from the friend he had been living with.
The catch you ask? Well, the friend he was living with has to think about whether he wants Younger Son to move back with him. Not unreasonable, as YS did kind of bail on him. BUT, remember that craft room of mine? Full of yarn, spinning wheels, bookshelves and roving? That was the sons' former bedroom.
He said can't you just move that "junk" (JUNK? That is precious stash and resources and materials! Plus it is a LOT of stash, resources and materials.) upstairs? I presented the idea of him using the finished upstairs room, complete with bed. It just requires moving some stuff around. Granted the room is not very neat, a mess beginning when he and a friend trashed it as children. But after he looked in the craft room, he agreed that him moving upstairs might just be the better decision. Much less to move to get him upstairs, than to move craft stuff up there.
Besides knowing him, he would be moving in with someone again soon.
Whew, crisis averted.
Now--dealing the the impending grocery bills with him home. We may need to get a food allowance out of him. Or let him do some shopping of his own.

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