Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Time

No time to eat.
No time to sleep.
No time to post pictures.
I am still madly knitting on Sonoma.   I have been taking pictures and they will appear either here or on Ravelry when I am done and have time again.
With services tonight for Maundy Thursday, and taking Hubby out for supper for his birthday tomorrow night, when else is a gal going to knit?
Well actually, I did sign up for the vigil at church at midnight tonight.  Guess Sonoma Shawl is coming with me.
When this is done, I have to work on some UFO's.  And oh yeah, I did order yarn for a KnitPicks KAL for a steeked cardigan.  I will finish at least one UFO first.
I promise.   

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