Friday, April 17, 2009

Toe Cap?

Yup, I have been hard at work on the toe cap for my co-worker who has been off work for so long with a broken foot/torn tendon.  She looked so pathetic with her blue cast and dirty fake fur pink sock on it.  So I rummaged in stash Tuesday evening and found some handspun merino.  It is spun from roving I bought from the Stonehedge Fiber Mill at the Charlevoix fiber festival this summer.  Lovely peach color and Sandy loves it. 
Found a hat in One Skein Wonders called This "n" That Hat that looked interesting, textured and easy to do.  I have gotten to the decrease rows and hope to have it done tonight.  Pictures will have to wait. 
I planned on blogging on this subject tomorrow.  But, since Hubby put an ad in the local buyers guide paper for hay for sale--and since that paper comes out tomorrow, I have to stay off the internet.  Dial-up you know.  So once the hay is sold--4 X 5 foot big bales, stored outside on pallets, grass/clover/alphalfa mix, $35--the I can go back on line and post some pictures.

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