Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shearing at Sheila's

Lots of fun and fiber today. Went to a friend's home whose sheep were being sheared by a well know West Michigan young man who is a friend of Youngest Son. He has won prizes in competions nationwide. And he was quite impressive to watch.
The sheep, after being shorn, were feeling delightfully free, especially the ones they call the "Shitlands".
After the shearing was done, we went the the store to knit, spin, eat and warm up. I also bought wool. I couldn't resist. Afterall, I had just met the sheep face to face!
I had recently discovered that these friends live in the same home that my great-great-grandfather had lived in before he died in 1899. So I went home the longer way, so I could pay my respects to GGGranddaddy James Henry.
Which also meant that I had to come home through Baldwin. And any self respecting West Michiganian knows that means. Jones' Homemade Ice Cream.

Sorry, no pictures available of myself indulging. But I had black raspberry and black walnut on a sugar cone. YUMMMY!!

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Angie J said...

Oh now how spooky is that. Henry's live in the place now. Wait till I tell Patrick and Sheila they'll get a kick out of it. We've been scratching our heads attempting to think of your family's name. LOL

It was a blast, and very nice to see old friends.

Now about this Jone's Ice Cream. Would you believe I live in this town and the only time I've had any was when I had 4 teeth pulled. Lived on the Mint choc chip for a week.