Monday, April 20, 2009

Toe Cap and Other Knitting Updates

I finished Sandy's toe cap. And if I do say so, it is rather cute. I have to give it to her tomorrow as I didn't finish it until Friday evening, after work. If I hadn't had those library books to read, I would have finished on time.
I also swatched for the Classic Lines Cardigan. Oh, haven't I mentioned it before. It is a Knit Picks free pattern and they are having a knit along. The reason I joined, despite all the other UFO's lurking around on the needles? It is steeked, and I have vowed to learn how to steek. It is knit with 2 strands of lace weight wool, and every 6th row you carry along another strand of alpaca/silk handpainted lace wt.

The colors I picked are Hot Rod Heather, and Lip GLoss for the extra strand of color. Here is a swatch.
Heaven help me it is on size 4 needles. Thats right, FOUR. I may be knitting all year on this one, but it should be fairly portable, even with all the yarn I need to cover me. I am hoping being made with double stranded lace weight, that it won't be too terrible hot. Iplan on casting on tonight, but will still work on the Stealth shawl to get that done.

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