Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knitting Progress.

Yes, the toe cap was a huge success. Sandy reported much warmer toes and loved the cap.

I have also been plugging away on the stealth project and my Hot Rod Heather Classic Lines Cardigan. It is a free downloaded pattern from Knit Picks and I also joined their knit along for the project. I started with the sleeve and even though I did not do a provisional cast on, I folded and fused it by picking up stitches along the cast on and knitting with the main part of the sleeve.
I think it is going along quite nicely. I've got about 5 of the stripes done now and it is a easy but interesting knit. If it goes well and as quickly as it has been, I may just try it again in shades of blue.
In other family news. Younger Son has been getting the upstairs room cleaned up. He found an old radio system I had (cassette, turn-table, radio, and-Lord help me--an 8 track deck) stowed upstairs when I got a CD player. He is loving the huge speakers and wants to mount them on the wall. For the time being, the radio works well.
I helped him out some today, but quit for the afternoon when I almost missed "The Big One". We were listening to the race upstairs on the radio, but it isn't the same as actually watching the race. Especially watching the accidents. I just cannot get over the way the lead changes so often and so quickly on these speedways.
Our ten year old window AC died the other day. Hubby was trying to turn it on and nothing. So I had to get another one yesterday. I will NOT endure summer without one. And fortunately, neither will Hubby anymore. We need to install it yet, but at least we have it.

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