Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Brother on Unemployment

Welcome to the real world.  Michigan's real world at least. 
My Little Brother (all of 18 months younger than his gray haired old Big Sis) is being downsized today.  I think this is his first time on unemployment.  Unbelievable in Michigan.  Although he was fortunate to work for the county's largest employer.  Again it is a tale of the family company being sold to foreign conglomerates who wanted the company name.  And then sold again, and again, always to foreign companies. 
I never did quite figure out how a baby food company could be attractive to a chemical/pharmaceutical company, but I digress.
So anyway, Little Bro is going the growing ranks of Michigan's unemployed.  
I guess when the campaign promised we would have change, what they really meant was--that would be all we would have in our pockets.

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