Tuesday, August 25, 2009

St Joe Field Trip

Last Friday, for the third year in a row, my friend Mary and I have cruised on down to St. Joe Michigan where Christy, also my friend and Mary's daughter is a first grade teacher. We typically help out with basic "get the room in shape for school" activities.
The first year we visited was also Christy's first year teaching. She didn't even have desks in her room when we arrived. We cut out laminated goodies for school, and sorted and labeled books. We sorted out various handouts she had been given and made a general mess, but at least had made a good step in organizing before we left. That year was also highlighted by a rip-roaring storm that blew through as we left, just ahead of tornado warnings.
Last year we cleaned off laminated supplies, cut out more, and again sorted books. We rode down in her great old Buick and road back in her sister's farm van, complete with sweet feed/sour milk aromas. Ahhh, the smells of the farm.
This year, the weather was wonderful, cool and sunny. I knit a new project on the way down--cotton, in case the car was hot. (Pictures next post probably.) While I again wielded scissors and cut out goodies, separated handdouts from Scholastic Books and played with her chimes, Mary was busy this year with a different project.
Mary transformed 7 yards of slipper but shimmery turquoise fabric to curtains for above Christie's tall cabinets and for the fronts of 3 other long low cabinets with no doors. And dang, me with no camera. It was a lovely sight when she finished.
Of course we are not complete galley slaves. Each year we have gone for lunch at a different part of town. One time downtown St Joe. Another on a marina This year, Christie treated us to lunch at nearby cafe, Papa Taco's and we tried not to pig out. (But they did have the BEST warm salty tortilla chips and salsa.

And I did get a lot of knitting down on the trip there and back.

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