Monday, August 17, 2009

Memories of Fiber Festival

I will post about last week's county fair later, but first--Saturday was the Michigan Fiber Festival.

Such fun. I hadn't really been sure if I was going to attend. I didn't want to drive all that way, but when a friend couldn't drive that far because of her recent eye surgery, I volunteered. And had a great time. Both Elsie (the one with eye trouble) and Flo were with me and we had a great time. They mostly teamed up the whole day, while I was a free-range roamer.

It was really great that I knew so many people there, both vendors and visitors.

And yes, I did buy stuff:

A fleece, but no picture of that. A 1/2 BF Leicester, 1/4 Boarder Leicester, 1/8 Romney, 1/8 Corriedale--white crimpy, long stapled lustrous mound of wool. I packed that off to Zeilingers to process, so now have that package to look forward to.

Some sock yarn--a wonderful multi-color merino tencel from Rita of Yarn Hollow who was still geeked from her time at the Sock Summit, and a blue/periwinkle single ply from Sandy's Palette.

A lovely pattern for a shawl/fichu, and another book on gossamer lace, in addition to pink lace weight (merino/silk) and multi color fingering for another shawl--a lovely medallion pattern I have at home.

A bloodwood scarf/shawl stick.
And 4 ounces of merino/pygora blend from my friend Allison of Great Lakes Pygora. A 50/50 blend in a burgundy blend colorway.
I love fiber festivals.

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