Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gotta Love that Garter Stitch

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently started a garter stitch scarf. That is the third garter stitch item I am working on. I have the Kylers Kardigan, featured a few days ago in a recent picture.
And I am continuing to work on my UFOs.
And I have started block 16 on my Wrap Me Up Shawl, which is a strip of garter stitch triangles zig zagging along. I hope to finish this soon, so I can work some on My February Pink Lady again next.
And now the Corkscrew Potato Chip scarf.
That is gonna be a lot of knitting!

I am thinking about taking the scarf and maybe the cardigan to work on at the fair while I am barn sitting. This year, I don't have room to schlep my wheel and bag of wool when I bum rides with others so instead of spinning I will just knit. . I think the scarf should be done fairly soon. Both it and the Kylers Kardigan for Luke have just enough twists thrown in to keep them interesting, while still being fairly mindless knitting. And since the the gauge is bigger than socks, easy to work on while traveling.
Hummmm, I do have a drop spindle I could bring to work on in the barn. I will have to ponder on that. It is another UFO that has been languishing.

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