Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kudos for New Shawl

I mentioned that I purchased some cotton yarn to work on during the recent road trip to St Joseph. The yarn is actually 55% cotton, 40% rayon and 5% silk, and a brand from Plymouth called Kudo.

I also picked up their pattern for a simple triangle shawl that was the one used in the store sample. It only took 2 skeins and by starting 2nd skein from same end that first was finished it gave a wonderful rainbow effect, repeating the colors backward as I worked the last half.
I started it last Wednesday, and finished it last night after returning from Knit Nite. (Not that hard, I had to only cast off and weave in ends. )
What do you think? Here are pictures taken when I still had a few rows left to finish.
I wore it to work yesterday and it is soooo comfy!

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