Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fair Time--No Grease For Me

I wasn't at the County Fair much this year, mostly because of cost, but also because I could not make a commitment of time, not knowing when/if I would get a job or be called back to the library. (By the way, back on 15 hours a week starting August 18.)
But I worked in the Cheese Booth, sponsored by the Farm Bureau. I was commandeered by a couple friends and had a great time. The shift on Monday night could have been a killer, with 90 degree temps predicted with high humidity. However, it wasn't too terribly hot. And since the previous weekend's rain had turned the main arena into a bog, the Figure 8 Race (AKA Demolition Derby) was canceled, we were busy enough to keep from being bored, but slow enough to get in lots of gossip. And I was entitled to a free Farmer's Muffin--the culinary highlight of each year's fair.
Other than that night, I only attended the Thursday festivities. The daytime was dominated by the Dairy show. Katy's two oldest, Lydia and Austin were showing. And so was the grandchildren of Younger Son's boss. Lots of pictures were taken. Bill, a family friend the same age of Younger Son was the judge for the younger classes of showmanship. He even smiled.
I also helped later in the day at the History Building. Helped them get the fans to work. (Hot in there!) And later on was the Small and Large Animal Auctions. Not too late this year, and again, caught up on lots of gossip.

My biggest regret? Not being there to organize and attend the Friday Night Grease Fest. Sigh. No grease for me.

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Christylea said...

I don't know if anyone pulled together a grease fest. I did share an elephant ear on Friday night, though!