Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day Without Knitting?

I have often heard it said that knitting reduces stress. As evidence of this, may I present a picture of a friend who had just spent 1 and possibly several days without knitting, and probably spinning. My friend Mary is a member of our Spin Guild and also attends Knit Nite. She recently missed 3 weeks of knitting due to visiting family and a nieces wedding. Obviously she has not been knitting enough. This wonderful shot (actually a photo of a photo) was taken the morning after the wedding. The previous nights's reception probably had nothing to do with that stressed look. I am sure it was lack of knitting.
(Sorry Mary, I couldn't resist the picture--it was just too good.)

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Angie J said...

Heck, I said it was a direct result of sharing a motel with all the younger girls at Charlevoix LOL