Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knitting and British Films

As some may know, I love old films. A couple British films have come my way that I quite enjoy and recommend. The Winslow Boy, about a father fighting for his sons character when he had been expelled for cheating but the school refused to show the evidence. Magna Carta provisions and everything, but very interesting. And last weekend was The Dam Busters, about an engineer in World War II Britain trying to build a bomb to bust through 3 dams protecting the German industries that were building the bombs and plans. Both were low key but compelling stories.
And the knitting. I am almost finished with the second sleeve of the Hot Rod Heather cardigan. Then on to the body, and (gulp) 358 stitches to cast on. That promises to be a lengthy prospect. I usually have to count, count, and recount a couple more times before I am ready to continue.

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