Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let's Go Racing

Yup, this is a great day/weekend for racing. Last night I watched the Nationwide series and although it was shortened by the rain, it was a fun race.
And as I type, the NASCAR Sprint series is in a rain delay, with what looks like a downpour. Maybe I will have that race to enjoy tomorrow.
But one thing struck me as I watched the Indy 500. (Yeah, it isn't NASCAR, but in a pinch it will do.) The first lap one car went into the wall, and another car was damaged, but looked drivable. To my amazement, he went behind the wall and the announcers talked like he was done for. He did come back for a while later but I was amazed that these cars are so fragile. A Cup car would be right back in after banging on wheel wells, and slapping on some super duct tape.
I guess that is why I perfer NASCAR. It isn't for wimps or wimpy cars.

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