Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Not much from the boys regarding Mothers Day. Actually it wasn't all their fault. Hubby's sister's husband wanted us and Hubby's brother and wife to come meet them for dinner at Ponderosa in Greenville. (And yes Katie, it is still there, and open--be sure to let Roger know.)
His sister has quickly aged since losing her job a few years ago. It is almost like Alzheimers is setting in. So, even though I still think a better day could have been chosen, we had a nice visit with her. She seems fine physically, but quiet and rather vague. She does keep her hubby on his toes, making sure that all is well.

But, then again.....after just now making note of this, I took Gilbert the wonder dog out for his regular trip to "commune with nature." And there, hanging on my plant hanger, was a lovely impatience basket.

Apparently Christy had reached Older Son, after reading my birthday post, and made sure he got me something. She went so far as to check my Avon preference, but since her account had been deactivated--she went with a backup plan.

And of course I can always count on my man Mark Martin. Not only did he announce that he would drive the #5 car for Hendricks again next year--which I thought was a wonderful Mother's Day gift from afar--BUT he won again!! You may remember that I am not a fan of these evening races, but he could change that. I didn't even begin to get drowsy as he advanced, fell back and advanced again. And best of all, he is in the top 12 in points. Life is good.

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