Wednesday, May 6, 2009

School Election and Memories

Well, it looks like we are getting a new high school here.
Now don't get me wrong, we probably do need one. I know there is at least one classroom with no windows and only one door. The building is on several levels, due to additions and renovations. The original was built in the 1920's. I always liked that school with the soaring ceilings when I visited and was rather jealous. I attended school in a nearby village. Our big old brick box of a school which I thought was full of character was condemned when I was in 6th grade. We had to finish the year with split days. High school students in the morning, beginning way too early, and the elementary in the afternoon. We shared the elementary and junior high buildings. The following year, as a Junior High student, we had full days, but while our new school was under construction, we had classes where ever we could fit. My English class was in the Ag Room. Math was in the northeast corner of the gymnasium and study hall ran down the middle from hoop to free throw line, with the library crammed into the back area. How I remember trying to pay attention to social studies, while over the walls on the opposite side of the gym, Mr Benjamin was expounding on Algebra. It was like a giant one room school.
I rather regretted the day in spring when some of the classes were able to meet in the new elementary, reducing the noise level considerably.
But, now, in this economy, when so many are losing homes and jobs--some only able to replace them with partime jobs with no insurance to help with medical expenses--now we have to have our taxes increased again.
And the thing is--we still haven't paid for the land that the school district bought 3 votes (and about 5 years) ago, and now they want to put the school someplace else? Where this new school is going has been kind of vague. Some descriptions put it between the fair grounds and the middle school. Hello? There is cemetery land in there. Then other descriptions put it near a fairly main crossroad on a worn out road--the land there is mostly wetlands! There have been no tests run to see if the ground can even support buildings, or if they will sink into the swamp.
Could this be yet another money pit and fiasco?
And don't even get me started on the story I heard that the new plans do not include a new gym or cafeteria, or library.
I have a headache. I just hope I will continue to have a home.

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