Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Little Wonders

Sunday, as I left for church, I heard one of the barn cats under the back porch. Looking underneath, I saw one of the Momma cats. She was squirming, and writhing and crying.

Oh oh.

I think we were about to get kitties.

Sure enough when I came home, I walked around the side of the house and in the tall grass (Hubby isn't really into that whole mowing thing), next to the old well pit cover were the unmistakeable sounds of baby kittens.

Later that evening Hubby and I saw the old Granny Cat, with a kitten in her mouth. We grabbed it, as she had shown no sign of being ready for kittens and gave it back to the Momma. Finally yesterday, I saw this:

Hubby counted about 5. This is the same Momma cat I blogged about last year who had her kittens inside the barn wall. Those Hubby had to get out by lowering a noose and bringing them out. Luckily these will escape that. And the forecast seems to be promising and dry for them the next few days.

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