Sunday, May 10, 2009

Knitting Knews

As I mentioned in my previous post, Hubby and I went on a car trip about 1 1/2 hour away. I had planned my travel knitting, as any dedicated knitter does. I decided on my basket containing 2 pairs of socks. And just in case of an unforeseen problem with knitting, I also tucked in a paperback romance.
We started off and I waited about 2 miles before digging out the needles. Earlier this week, I worked on the long suffering Hot Pink socks. I had finally completed the last cross stitch and heel flap, heel turn and the gusset. Life was good and I was cruising. I figured with steady knitting I could be close to the toe by the time we returned home.
Fate and another idea.
I decided to measure with my spare needle the length of the foot from gusset to beginning of toe decreases. I usually use a needle to get the right length. I grabbed the completed sock, and started to lay the other needle against it.... Well all I can say is there was an alignment of time and space, coupled with a bump on a gravel road (Hubby likes taking the back way.) and the end of the needle snagging the sock. My needle was in my hand........And then it wasn't. I wiggled and reached and stretched as best I could in the cab of a small pickup truck. Nothing.
Amazingly, at the next intersection was a stop sign. Hubby said, since there was no traffic, I could get out and search the floor.
But after describing the rainbow colors of my size 1 Knit Picks DP, Hubby spotted it and handed it to me. I jabbed it in the ball of yarn, got back in the truck, fastened my seatbelt, and.......
No needle.
What? I wiggled and looked and squirmed. No needle. I decided it was not to be. I was not going to tempt fate and try to work on the other sock.
I carefully folded the sock with its other 4 needles, secure in the fact that I had a spare needle at home.
I might also add, I checked again on the floor and between the seats when we got to the restaurant. I checked again at Sis-in-Law's home. I looked again as I got in the car to go.
And there, in the door map size 1 rainbow colored Knit Picks DP.
On the way home, I read.
Some days are like that.

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