Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Time--Part 2

What a delightful evening yesterday.
After spinning guild (and I am so glad to be able to bring my wheel together with my friends and spin once more on Mondays), I dashed home to grab my salad to head off with Hubby and his brother Carl and wife Lottie to attend a family reunion.

We had gotten a phone call from his last remaining aunt--a regular pistol of a little old lady who doesn't know the meaning of rest.
Now mind you, she had been in the hospital off and on with surgery, heart problems etc all this past winter. But she got it in her head to plan a Walsworth cousins reunion. So the rest of us had no choice but to gather. And gather we did. There were only 3 missing, and those were all out of town.

You must realize that for years she and her husband organized and ran bus tours across the country. I truly regret that I never got to go one one. And apparently when she had family dinners she also organized the entertainemt. After we ate our abundant meal, which was held at her church, someone asked where was the music. So she trotted over to her son. The retired school principal and superintendent meekly did as she requested and with his sister played a few rousing hymns on the organ.

What fun. We then posed for pictures.

I even got one with her and her 3 flowergirls.

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