Monday, May 11, 2009

Updates on Other Knits

I have several inches finished on the second sleeve of the Hot Rod Cardigan.

I am ready to start the lace rows on the stealth project. Because it is stealth, no pictures of that yet, except on Ravelry.

I rummaged around and found the sock blank I dyed. I decided to take it off the long circ needle and go back to my preferred method of using doublepoints. I found the extra 2 sets of the same size and placed both socks on the doublepoints and then safely tucked them both in the stitch keeper. I think I will knit one and wind the yarn from the second ply into a center pull ball as I go along. Then knit the second after finishing the first. Or maybe knit each, section by section.

We shall see on that.

Gray chevron sock is going fairly well. It is still the back up sock. The sock blank socks will be plain vanilla pattern, so the chevron will be the prime sock next, with the vanilla sock blank as backup.
My February Pink Lady is still sitting in time out. Probably will wait till the Hot Rod Cardigan is done. I hope that will continue to progress quickly and with the AC installed, I will still be able to knit with worsted wool through the summer.

After that, back to the long neglected Wrap Me Up Shawl, and or the Lady Eleanor entrelac, and then maybe the MaidenShawl. With all that has gone on concerning the group on that one, it may languish longer. I love the yarn, but my mood just isn't in the shawl right now.

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