Monday, June 30, 2008

Meet My Bunny

First work day of unemployment (or at least from my full time job) and how do I spend it? Picking up my angora bunny.
Meet Mr Mocha S Bunny. He is a satin angora that I got from Chickasaw Farm in Chase, in the northern corner of the county. As you can see he is a lovely bunny--I guess the color is called fawn. Ithink he looks like a Siamese cat with long ears and long wool. As you can see below, the oldest crop of this year's barn kitties felt that they were the welcoming committee and were checking out the new neighbor. Curosity may not kill these kitties but if they don't watch out, it could loose them a toe or two.
I decided to bed Mr Mocha down and let his rest tonight. I will need to be able to start handling him soon to comb him out. I already discovered I may have a problem with a 24 inch X 24 inch cage but only about 20 inch arms.
I love the neighborhood where I got Mr Mocha. I took advantage of the trip to stop at the cemetery that holds 3 generations of grandparents, beginning with Great Grandpa, who I knew, and going back to Great Grandma's parents and Grandparents. There were a couple new stones for 2 of them since the list time I was there so I wanted to be able to get some pictures of them as well see if my Great Grandpa Armenus had a flag on his grave. When I first discovered the family plot, there was none, even though he was a veteran of the Civil War. I always felt a special spot for him as he is the first ancestor I discovered on my own. (Much of my genealogy has been verifying what was know on my fathers side and already researched by my aunt and cousin.) The graves were especially tricky to find, even now because the stones are all flat and becoming overgrown by sod around the edges. And the family stone faces the north, while the vast majority there face north or south. After some searching, while Mr Mocha sat in his carrier in the shady car, I managed to finally find them. This time the flag was there, although the grass overgrown there. I may have to make a return trip one of these days to snip grass and I would like to plant a perenniel or two around there. But it is quite dry, so not sure if it would be worth the hassel if I can't get there to water them.
Anyway, Mr Mocha is safe in his cage and so far, the kitties still have all their toes.

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