Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Job Done

Busy week at work, --the former job--despite the fact that I had no computer access at all. All week was weird stuff. Shredding old reports that had confidential info as I emptied my desk. then making copies of new stuff. All in all, quite boring and nary a chance to knit like I though I would have. Yesterday I only had to come in for the exit interview.
Exit interviews are a silly concept. We all could have been there at once, for all the difference it made. The only individual info was the amount of severance pay we were getting. And we all could really figure it out ourselves. But we all had to come in separately and wait our turn. At least we didn't have to stay all day. I only had my 20 minutes and was gone. I managed to get in a full day at the library.
Fun stuff there. Sorting through musty newspapers may sound boring but I had a lot of fun, reading old ads, and gossipy items. Including a 1922 article about a woman who vomited up a 4 inch lizard. I almost wet myself laughing with Sandy over that one.

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