Friday, June 20, 2008

Haying Time

The sweet smell of freshly baled hay is heavy in the air, and almost every hay field around here is decorated with small square bales, big round bales and even some oversized big square bales. Those seem to be new additions this year. Apparently someone in the neighborhood got a new baler.
Hubby is making plans to knock down all of our hay today and tomorrow. IF he can get in touch with the neighbor who is going to put it up in big round bales. He wants to make sure he will be available when everything is dry and ready. Weather sounds promising after tomorrow.
I am tryng to figure out how to raise up my rabbit hutch, in preparation for my satin angora that I am going to get. I figure if I can't get a sheep, I'm at least getting a little fiber animal. I may just try to get some blocks to raise it up a couple feet (Thanks for the suggestion, Angie.)

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