Sunday, June 29, 2008

Progress on Church Addition

Where only a few weeks ago our new mission center/parish hall looked like the first picture with buckets of paint, scaffolds and plastic covered walls; a few weeks ago we were finally able to move our service there.
This picture was taken a couple weeks ago, but what an improvement. And last week, the plastic was gone from the windows and the walls were freshly painted. Here is the same corner of the rooom. This picture was taken just a couple weeks ago.
Even last week the change was impressive and looks great.
I brought along the Cinnamon Wave Wrap to get a concensus of how much longer to make it. The skinny people there felt about another 6 inches would be fine. I may go a few more, since I have decided no fringe is necessary. Everyone seems to like it so hopefully it will bring in some money. Not sure how we will sell it--as a silent auction, or raffle or how.

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