Saturday, June 7, 2008

Still Transitioning

Well, as I mentioned, this has been a week of big changes. I have managed to sort out some appropriate pictures as well.

Younger Son graduated, and putting in more hours on the two farms he works for. Such a relief to get him through school. And he seems delighted as well. He even managed to sort of shave for the occasion. I see we have proof that Older Son did show up, that's his truck I just noticed in the background.

Older Son has pretty much moved into his house. He has been straggling back to get odds and ends. I asked him if he had any plates, knowing that somewhere in the attic I had some I could donate. He proudly announced he had 240 paper plates. He was good to go. I mentioned he may want some sturdier ones, but he said hen he would just have to wash them. True. He still needs to pick up the kitchen table, and some other items, but his kitchen is still big enough to hold a dance party.

I started working Thursday at the library. Since that is when I was doing my best blogging, I guess that will be slowed down some, at least until my other job ends. Which we have finally been told will be on June 27. After that the library plans on using me more, as much as they can sneak me in. Of course I will also then more free time for the blog and knitting, so it all works out. Uhhh--except for the money angle of course.

And speaking of more time to knit, I am hoping to get more done on the Shapely Tee. I really want to finish the Cinnamon Wave Wrap, but its getting a little steamy for large wool projects. I have swatched and think I am ready to roll.

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Angie J said...

Congrats to the graduate!
The older son has it right though. We use paper alot of the time, especially when I'm in school. It's sad that the jobs are moving away, but it sounds like you are excited about working at the library. Hope to be able to see you at the Friday a.m. guild time once and awhile too. If and When Jane leaves for Ky, Sheila and I are thinking about having ours on Fridays other than the weekends we have shows.

I knit socks in the summertime :)