Saturday, June 28, 2008

This and That--Catching Up

Since I had not been able to get pictures to post recently--My own dumb fault I have since discovered. I want to catch up on a few little items and add the pictures now that I am over my "duh" moment.

Here is the silk cap I was spinning. I finished those last few drafts and set out to ply it. What a disaster. I used my plying tool but then had a mess. I think because of the sticky tendency of the silk, it was hard to pull it out to ply. I managed to spin up a couple yards on my Joy. But that was all. That was last weekend and I was practically in tears. It had such a lovely sheen, that I really wanted to be able to use it for something. Finally last night, while watching Singing In the Rain, I set my plying tool in the stand on the table, thus freeing up both hands. I eased and teased the yarn out. Thankfully, silk is a very strong fiber and it never broke, despite some rough handling and some very thin areas. Now I am trying to decide if I want to perhaps put it on the ball winder to make a center pull ball and try to ply it that way. Keep in mind I have never had much luck in avoiding knots that way either. I have a ball of single ply silk now and am going to meditate on it for awhile.

What else, ahhh yes. I had haying pictures to share. At least pre-baling. Here is Hubby. He did get all his hay cut, right on schedule. Not as many bales as he had hoped, but the neighbor who baled it had tightened up his settings so they were more solid. We still have more than enough, and hopefully enough to sell next spring. You can see how high our hay was in this example behind the barn.

We got it all baled before the rain came mid week. These good tight bales should be in good shape. Monday I had to help Hubby bring in the bales from the field that is just past the picture above where he is cutting the hay. I had to back the big pickup into the shallow ditch while he pushed 2 bales on with the spear. Then he speared another and brought it back by the barn. Those bales are heavy and are very difficult to push off. A year or two ago he discovered how to slide them off easily. He backs up at a good speed and then slams on the brakes. They then tumble right off. He was having way too much fun loading them. I even did one. Unfortunately after a few trips, the brake line broke so no more fun and he had to spear them and bring them one by one on the tractor.

All that rain the previous few weeks brought out some flowers in addition to exploding the growth in the hay.
Just from the side of the barn we have clover, daisys and some stray trefoil from the hayfield.
Sure wish we had that sheep to help keep down the grass. But Monday I plan to go get my bunnie--the Satin angora. I can hardly wait. Farm dog and barn cat don't seem to be very impressed though do they?

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