Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunny Days Again

Finally have some sunny weather. Hubby has been out in the hay fields trying to clear the ditch so the water drains. At least we didn't get hit like the counties to the north--a US highway washed out there. He went so far as to string 6 extension cords across one field out to a sub-pump.There he plans to pump the water around a tree that grew on the edge of the ditch and is blocking water from draining. He is hoping to bale (not bail!) this next week.
Although today is cool it was too hot this past week for the woolly Cinnamon Wave Wrap. So I happily knit away on the Shapely Tee. I am past the short rows on the bottom and inching my way slowly to the bust shaping. I am pleased so far and hop it will fit well. So far I am still on gauge.
While watching the race yesterday (Junior finally won and Kyle was no where in sight--YEA!) I separated and drafted out the rest of some silk caps I bought over a year ago at Knit Michigan. I also spun up quite a bit. It will be a bit lumpy bumpy when plied, but I need to think of a project for it. Won't be much yardage so will have to be something small. Pictures will follow when I get the camera cranked and a chance to blog from the laptop again.

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Angie J said...

Yup Part of US 31 are gone between scottville and free soil. The road outside my school is a giant pot hole (It takes up the whole road) and I have no idea how folks are getting there, but they are requiring the staff and faculty to report, but no classes. I should email the gang in the lab and find out how bad it is out there.