Saturday, June 21, 2008

Haying Time-part 2

Well, with a minimum of breakage, Hubby has got about half the hay down. You know how those things go, when you are in a hurry. He had to replace a pin, and unjam something. So he was still working on the west fields when I got home from work. But because he was in a hurry, he and my fierce watch dog already had the brats grilled when I got home. YEA! As soon as supper was done he was out in the fields. I filled water tanks, and then went back inside while he finished the west fields. His plans are to finish cutting the east field, known as the Swamp, today.
Dang, I finally got to the library and ready to post pictures, but its not working,. not sure if the fault is library connection, or blogger. Oh well. I will try again later

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