Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farm Life and Crops

We have had some wet weather lately. Nothing severe, but the hay fields, that only a week or so ago were so pathetically short, Hubby was in despair that we would get enough and not be able to sell the 2nd cutting as he planned. But now, after the 5 inches last weekend, we have thick lush timothy, brome and canary grasses well past my waist. Granted, I’m not that call, but still, its looking good. Of course now we have to wait for the ground to dry back out. There was deep standing water in the far hayfield we call the swamp—for obvious reasons.Younger Son has been making plans to move in with a friend. My goodness, they are moving in droves. The friend is about 3 years old and has his own house. YS has been working for him since Spring Break, feeding calves, mending fences and general grunt work. Once we clean out the soon to be former boys room, Hubby plans to insulate the ceiling and re-surface it. All ready for my bunny.
I didn't mention that yet. Since Hubby is making noises against sheep after building up my hopes, when my friend Jane went to pick up a new blue French Angora, I was ready to get one too. My sensible side prevailed for once and I decided to wait till I have room for it. But I did get a cage for my bunny to be. Then Hubby can't talk me out of it.

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Angie J said...

Sheila says definitely call her. If she doesn't have something she knows almost every bunny breeder in this state.

On that note, she's willing to part with Mocha (one of the Satin's she rescued from us) or Radar (One of the Satin Crosses). She asked if I'd be upset about her getting rid of Mocha, and I told her nope.

So give her a shout (except this weekend we are in Marshall)