Saturday, March 29, 2008

Socks and Socks

I finally finished the yellow Parakeet color way socks. And even though I don't wear many yellows, I had a blouse that matched perfectly! Now I can turn my attention to the Cherry Tree Hill socks in Blue/Green color way. I love the brilliant jewel tones in these and I am sure they won't take a year to finish like the last pair.

I finally heard on the radio this morning what I have been saying all along, this wasn't that bad of a winter, merely a normal winter. They said this is the first time in 14 years that we finally had a normal winter. I thought it has been a glorious winter.

We had a new calf born last Wednesday evening. The poor old mama was having a rough time, which isn't unusual for her. Know as "Bob's Cow", because Oldest Son originally purchased her when in school she struggles to calf each year. Last year the poor little guy was all hobbly footed, with a hard time keeping his ankles straight for a long time. But it improved throughout the summer and by fall was just fine. This year, Younger son and Hubby had to help pull the calf. (I stayed in the house for that little adventure.) Pure black heifer is what they both reported. Next day, hubby reported--oops, its a bull. Big 'un too. Now safely tagged and banded he and Mom will be turned out side once he gets to feeding better. That is the other problem with this cow. Her teats get so large, young calves can't grab hold of them on their own for a while. They often need help feeding for the first few days. Hubby has also been know to buy a Holstein steer to share the wealth and help the the surplus milk. With 50 degree days in the forecast and as the little one gains strength, we will have him nursing alone and outside before long. Since he is a black calf in a dark barn, with not a speck of white, I will instead share a picture of the first calf and his momma, out in the pasture.

And just so he won't feel left out, I better toss in one of my big old farm dog.

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