Saturday, March 1, 2008

Knitting and NASCAR

My baby is graduating. At least we think so, he is beginning the final trimester, and it is his second time as a senior, but he appears to have enough credits. So today we ordered the cap and gown, I had no desire to spend money (almost $50!!!) when we were not sure if he would make it. It has been a rough couple of years but hopefully we will end up with a graduate at the end of it.
I finished Wheelie! At least the main part, I have to make the I-cord and lace it on the wheel, but I have pictures and will add them later showing the un-stretched version. And I-cord I can knit while watching the race.
Busy day today. Breakfast with my aunt, cousin and some friends. Then slipped slided home to go to pick up "the Beef" from an area butcher. 800 lbs of meat! Luckily we have 2 freezers and managed to find room for all of it. Yummy. I never mind having food that I have met face to fact. Guess its a country girl thing.
Now, after just ordering the cap and gown, some TV time while I blog and watch "my man" Mark Martin who is currently leading the Nationwide series race in Las Vegas. Over 60 laps left so I can't cheer yet--the memories of Daytona 07 are seared in my memory. (I still haven't forgiven Harvick!!) But as usual Mark is making me proud. And my other favorite drivers, on Waltrip's team are doing well.
Oops, Stewart and Reutimann just wrecked. I'll have to pin my hopes on Mark. (UPDATE--He Won!!!)

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