Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday

Not a lot of knitting lately. I have plugged away on my yellow striped socks. I can't wait to get to the "eye of partridge" heel. I like the look of it. It was easier to do in the paler color. The first socks I used that heel on were harder to do, in a dark colorway.
I did finish the Shape It scarf, except for a multitude of ends to weave in. I lost interest in it at that point. The second ball of Platinum had at least 5 knots in a 99 yard ball, way too many to make it fun. I didn't touch the last ball, probably that was knot free.
We are still coughing a lot at home, I feel better, but am ready for the cold to be over. With the cold weather, I start coughing whenever I go outside.
Tonight is an evening edition of dinner with the aunts. We are meeting at another spot, so that hopefully we can get more of us together. Hubby is even planning on joining us. Then after that I need to bop over to church for a Maundy Thursday service. And Then---I signed up for the midnight shift for the prayer vigil. I need to find some prayer books to use to help keep me away for my hour. I have a feeling with my froggy throat, singing will be out.

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