Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gen Chat

Since Knit Night is no more, at least for me, I am getting back to Gen Chat in the Local History room at my local library. We just had three of us tonight. Apparently it has been a small crew lately. Sandy reminded me about the monthly meetings a few weeks ago. Tonight was the first meeting since the holidays. It is a great time--I never opened my knitting bag! She also told about the Genealogy conference this summer she is attending. I was jealous.
I found some tidbits on my Irish Hurley's. I want to dig a little deeper on the possible connection I found in the UK census during one of the recent genealogy classes.
On the knitting front, I have been eagerly awaiting my invite to an online knitting community called Ravelry. I should be getting my invite in a day or two now. Hopefully I can work on my organization on Thursday when I am off. I can get a lot of Internet time done at the library using their high-speed connection. Well I am off, I want to work on that luscious pink Shape It scarf. Ahh, here is a label; it is Platinum by Plymouth Yarn--20%,30%, 50%rayon. So soft.

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