Saturday, March 22, 2008

Merry Christmas,oops I Mean Easter

Pardon the mistake, but with the weather, it should be understandable. While we have been basking in warmth, the evil weather genie decided a wake up was in order. So, while here at home we only got an inch or so, farther south there was upwards of a foot of snow yesterday.
Quite the surprise. And it hit fast, too. I had to drive in to town last night to the business expo. Since Younger Son decided to come along, we wouldn't fit in the truck. I putzed along and we made it, but it was exciting. Glad it was still day light at the time.
I have been plugging away on the yellow sock, starting the heel flap so it should be on its way to being finished soon. Then as I continue with the blue/green pair, I can let my mind wonder through the sock stash to decide what I want to make next. A cotton pair--Sockatta would be good, for summer. but I also have some solids I would maybe like to attempt a cable pair in. Well I should have time to consider it before digging out the needles again. The only downside is that the yellow socks are on 8 inch dp. They feel so long. I do like my Knit Picks Harmony dps in 6 inches. much more manageable.
I am still waiting for pictures of my Great Nephew. Now that he has made his appearance, I guess the angora trimmed pink sweater will wait a while before being cast on. Maybe I can find some nice blue. Since we didn't know who he was till he came, he probably doesn't have a lot of blue yet.

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