Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cardigans and Calves

I am on a sweater kick. I really want to start a cardigan for me. However I have soooooo many projects I am working on, I am beginning to feel like the Yarn Harlot, abandoning one project to start another, more tempting one. I recently purchased "Sweater Design in Plain English"
by Maggie Righetti and am getting really getting inspired. I have been studying my stash, hoping I can avoid new purchases, but am open to the idea.
I still am working on my Lady Entrelac shawl. It is well over half done. I can drape it across my shoulders while I am knitting if its cool. I need to cut the fringe soon so I can just merrily knit up the rest. It is going to be wonderful. I am at the stage where I am thinking about blocking it up. I am ordering a set of blocking wires and need to get my 8X4 sheet of rigid foam insulation. I want to maybe get some remnant fabric to cover it and block on that. I may need to cut it in half but want to figure some kind of way to hinge it. Fold it for storage, then fling it out for blocking.

We got the black calf and momma outside last weekend. Hubby and Younger Son weighed him at 12o pounds when 3 days old. I had to get a picture for Hubby so he could take the pictures of both calves to show to the guy who sold us Hurricane (our bull). I was able to get the printed instantly at Wal-Mart. Just plugged in my flash drive, selected the pictures I wanted printed and they just spit them right out. Cool. I may start making more prints, since I don't need to burn a CD for just a couple pictures each time.

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